Adjusting to Barcelona Lifestyle

My first day in Barcelona, I got to my apartment at 10pm and my roommates we’re there, getting ready to go out to the bars and clubs. I was shocked that they hadn’t left yet, as at home we usually go out around 10pm. Instead, they left to go out at 12:30am and I went to bed to catch up on sleep. I woke up at 5am to people coming back to the apartment; at home all the clubs close by 2am. This has definitley been a huge adjustment. I have been taking naps from 8-10 after class, then going out from 1-4:30 am, going to bed at 5am, and waking up at 9am to get ready for school. I’m not sure how long I can keep this lifestyle up and i’m really not sure when the Spaniards get their sleep. This is a huge adjustment as in the States I get about 10 hours of sleep a night.

CEA Barcelona Campus, Located in Placa Catalunya
CEA Barcelona Campus, Located in Placa Catalunya

Another big change has been adjusting to my new school schedule and responsibilities.  In America, I also have classes Monday through Thursday and each class is between 1 and 3 hours.  My classes in Barcelona start much earlier, 9am, and end much earlier, 2pm.  At Boston University I had classes that started at 12pm most days and sometimes did not end until 9pm.  Getting used to being up and alert in the morning has been a challenge, but thankfully the coffee here is strong.   Additionally, I have less work here which is more difficult of an adjustment than you would think.  I am used to going to the library everyday between and after classes, so never going to a library in Barcelona has been a welcomed adjustment.  That said, I think the classes are deceivingly hard.  They seem easy because you only meet twice a week and the homework is light, but in reality there is a good amount of material we have covered before midterms, which are next week.

Boston University Campus, Located Along the Charles River
Boston University Campus, Located Along the Charles River

Something I really like about being here is the opportunity to meet locals as well as other students in CEA who are from all over the United States.  In Boston I have a pretty solidified friend group, so having the ability this late in college to meet so many new people and gain friends from all over the US in something I feel very lucky to be able to do, and I am taking advantage of.  I have now traveled on weekends with students from many other schools.  Also, me and my friends met some Barcelona locals one night, who now live in London, and when we came to London we hung out and went out with them.  It was really exciting to have made this connection and to now know people all over Europe.





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