Citizen Journalism

In class the past few weeks we have discussed citizen journalism and it’s place today in the media landscape.  Citizen journalism has been on the rise in the last 10 years and one of the precursors to the shift to citizen journalism was the “Miracle on the Hudson” in early 2009.  As most know, pilot Chesley Sullenberger attempted an emergency landing of a passenger aircraft US Airways Flight 1549 by landing in the Hudson river in New York City on January 15th, 2009.  He was successful in his attempt and all passengers safely deboarded the plane and made it to land.  The outlet to break news of this story was not a news channel or media group, but an everyday American citizen who posted about the Miracle to Twitter.

Krums’ photo, uploaded to TwitPic and tweeted to the public, broke the story nearly 15 minutes before any news outlets had the opportunity to do so. Though he only had roughly 170 followers, the picture went viral. Due to the volume of hits as the picture spread, TwitPic servers crashed.  This moment sparked a new wave of journalism that we are talking about in the classroom today; journalism where the everyday civilian has the ear and eyes of the public.



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